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At Southeast Middle School Digital Arts and Technology Academy, we attract families seeking a tailored digital learning environment using cutting-edge tools and proven methods. We promote self-discipline, attendance, and achievement by requiring all stakeholders to commit to high standards. We partner with our community to offer projects, both in school and out, that will help children realize their true potential.  

Technology and Creativity

Our theme wasn't chosen at random, and the extent to which we have planned to integrate technology into our classes is what makes our program unique. Technology alone will not make anyone smarter or more creative, but when used correctly it has proven to increase engagement and achievment. Research has shown that technology integration has to be well-planned and that it must be used to CREATE, not CONSUME digital media.

Four Tracks in Digital Arts

All students are exposed to audio engineering, video production, print media, and coding/robotics during their time in the program. As students progress into eighth grade, they become specialists in one of the four tracks. Video students become responsible for the production of the school broadcast. Print media students publish the newspaper. Audio engineering experts produce our radio show. Coding and robotics experts enter competitions and create solutions to complex problems. All students have the ability to earn multiple high school credits.

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